Wedding Dove Release Palm Coast

Releasing white doves is a beautiful representation of the commitment made by the bride and groom. Your release can be as simple as releasing two doves representing God's Blessings on your marriage or an entire flock flying overhead to proclaim your new beginnings.


White Dove Release Palm Coast

The dove has been the symbol of the human soul. These elegant white doves leap into the sky in a burst of energy an exuberance, reminding us of the soul's ascent to heaven, and the abundant life that blesses each one of us. This is particularly meaningful for a graveside service. To make this event even more beautiful, we coordinated their release with the words of the minister or speaker at the ceremony.


Bar/Bat Mitzvahs

Dove Relsease Palm Coast Florida


Celebrate your child's entrance into adulthood. For 13 years they have been awaiting this moment. Releasing a Dove is symbolic to letting go and embracing their commitment to love, loyalty and honor of faith.

Sporting and Fund Raising

White Doves symbolize all of the good things in come and no doubt your Sporting Event or Fund Raising Event would like to promote the symbolic gesture of Peace, Love, Unity, Prosperity, Faith and New Beginnings.

Your guest or guests of honor, can release a Dove by hand, then the flock can follow

Event/Opening Celebration

Dove Release Celebration


Celebrate a Graduation, Reunion, Homecoming, Grand Opening, or Sporting Event with a memorable dove release. We will make your celebration memorable and special for any  occasion.

Life’s Milestones

White birds are released into the sky during a selected time at your special event.

  • Sporting event
  • Anniversary
  • Graduation
  • Proposal
  • Memorial
  • Christening


Dove Release Area

St. Augustine

Palm Coast


Daytona Beach

Ormond Beach




Dove Release Booking

This is our specialty. Allow us to create and present a personalized white dove release for your special event.

We use only Rock Doves who are professionally trained to return to their home in Palm Coast, Florida.

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