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Our Dove's are Our Passion.

Our doves are bred from generations of birds that are easily able to return home from hundreds of miles away and over unfamiliar Florida territory. White Dove Releases rarely go further than fifty to seventy miles from their loft, and for the most part over familiar territory. White homing pigeons often enjoy a meticulous training regimen which enables the young cadets to be ready when needed.

Our birds are not to be released in stormy weather, extreme heat, indoors or too close to sunset. The safety of our Florida Doves come first, no exceptions!

The birds are housed in lofts that promote optimum safety, and quality healthcare. We never keep more doves than our lofts can comfortably accommodate. We are ever vigilant for the slightest sign of any health problems and we keep proper medications on hand for when they are needed.

The birds are given ample play time and are allowed to fly around their surrounding area and play with us and our family, after which they are called in and fed a healthy, well balanced meal that often include supplements to boost their immunity and keep them fit.

Our birds take regular baths that often contain special salts that will cleanse, condition and remove external parasites from the birds feathers and they love it.

They are allowed to rear some young every year so they can enjoy a natural and full life.

Every pair of doves chooses it's own nes while having it's own perch. The birds have their own special little piece of territory which makes them love home completely and gives each bird a sense of security, peace, contentment and the joy of being loved and cared for.

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